Poor animals



Hello – I am a tourist and I would like to point out three really urgent cases. The first two are on the island of Kho Larn.

– There is a black dominant dog on Nual Beach and is starving to death. There is only the skin and the bones and it has difficulty to walk as it is weak.

– When you arrive by the ferry and leave the jetty, there is at left a 7/11 and about 25 to 30 meters away, small shops where there is a red kitten in the process of dying. He has bloody eyes and can hardly open them.

The third one is in Pattaya, I saw it this morning in front of the door of the Walking Street (near the corner jewelry shop). He is very thin, and above all, because of the scabies, he has almost no hair left.

I hope that my explanations will suffice you, because I had forgotten my camera.

Sincerely yours,

Lucette Bally