Please kill Jomtien bar zone proposal



Re: PBTA opposes Jomtien bar zone (PM Friday, 18 September 2015) – Will the district authorities please kill this mad proposal. I live within that proposed area and have seen my soi go from 2 quiet bars 15 years ago to about 15 bars now. When 2am closing was in place before the military coup, life here was hell. It was like having a rock concert at full throttle outside your window every night, and the 2am closing time was seldom enforced. Since the military have enforced some discipline and control and made it midnight closing and outlawed a lot of the noisy music and massive speakers set up out in the sois, it has made this area much more livable, although there’s still much more bar noise than there should be in any civilised place.

About 15 years ago, Jomtien had a grand total of about 6 bars in total, and Pattaya City Hall used to say that they would not allow any more bars in Jomtien. Since the last 6 or 7 years, that has exploded to what must be about 100 bars or more, with the acquiescence of the Pattaya City Hall and the police.

So this is a passionate plea from a resident, to maintain and enforce the current midnight closing into future, prohibit any more bars, and keep Jomtien as a livable location.

Re: Wall shaking music from Tum Ta Cafe (PM Mailbag Friday, 11 September 2015) – Keep calling Pattaya City Hall ph 1337, then if nothing is done, call General Prayuth’s Hotline ph 1111 and complain about the noise, closing time (supposed to be midnight) and lack of action by city hall and police.

Encourage as many other residents in the area to do the same complaining and complain often, nightly if necessary.

Good luck. If enough people complain through those avenues, there is some chance of getting it quietened.

John Guru (Jomtien)