Playing road convention card



Re: Officials explain quirky driving requirements (PM Friday, 27 February 2015) – First I would like to respond to the following quote, “Miss Benyapa Prempol, who works in the driver’s license department at the Department of Land Transport in Banglamung, said that driving in Thailand with a British driver’s license alone is illegal”. This is actually not true, and she should do a little due diligence and research herself. Based on the 1949 Geneva Convention on Road Traffic or the 1968 Vienna Convention on Road Traffic in which Thailand is a participant in both, all one has to have is a foreign license must either be in English, or be accompanied by an official translation into English or Thai. The license needs to have been issued by a country that has a treaty with the Thai government allowing the mutual acceptance of driving licenses.

Rocky Jones

Ed’s note: It’s your choice, but you ignore their warnings at your own peril. We advise being safe (obtain an international driver’s permit) rather than sorry.