Pitch in on St Patrick’s Day



Re: Father Ray Foundation plans St. Patrick’s Day parade (PM Friday, 22 February 2013) – Sure and it will be another great day for the Irish. Fr Ray gave his whole life to the Thai people. Coming from America and born of Irish parents he was told he would be going to Thailand even before he was ordained. (His Mother was known to have said, “And it is him that is the only one of us that likes rice.”)

Arriving here, he spent some time at Sriracha and then to Loei, where he became proficient in the local Lao language. Then he turned up in Pattaya and by chance he started his orphanages.

There could not be a better cause for a parade than to use this sainted day as a fund raiser for his dedication. So dig deep as some of us have short arms and deep pockets.

I lived my early life in Thurles Ireland and I cannot remember seeing a leprechaun or men dressed up in green clothes with ginger beards. Our family went to church and thanked God St Pat sent all the snakes to Pattaya. So even if your name is Wolfgang or Claus and you wouldn’t know a leprechaun from troll doll, join in the fun and give a thought to the poor tykes who but for the Redemptorist movement might be sitting at the kerb with a cup saying “kaw hi tang”.