Pepperoni is most popular topping



Re: (PM Dining Out Friday, 05 September 2014) – Having owned/operated 4 pizzerias in the US (home of the 3 globally largest pizza companies – Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Dominos), I believe I qualify as an expert so: I say a simple pizza dough, apply homemade tomato sauce (my home, not yours ), sprinkle liberally with mozzarella cheese and apply the world’s still most popular topping, Pepperoni sausage (37 % of ALL pizza eaters order this & only this), all over and bake! All that other nonsense about fruit, seafood, etc., will always be a very distant second to the above.

P.S. I, personally, also like some green peppers all over! Slobber, slobber.

Don Aleman