Pattaya roads a mess



I wonder if City Hall has a ‘Roads Department’. If so they should all be given the sack – moving them to ‘inactive posts’ would be pointless because they already seem to be inactive.

Every time there is a heavy downpour, Thappraya Road going down to the so called Hanuman statue (which in fact the Mucha Nu statue according to some folks who know about these things) just before the traffic lights, the surface of the road is washed away, revealing ever increasing in size potholes. I guess like most new roads in Pattaya the infrastructure is either not there or poorly done, hence the washing away with heavy rains.

Going on along the new Jomtien 2nd Road to near the market, the road becomes flooded and at sometimes impossible when there is heavy rain. Commeeooonnn guys, it’s a fairly new road and anyone could suss out that, as there is quite a dip in the road, without adequate drainage it would be flooded.

Soi 5, where the Immigration office is located, was in a state of chaos for many months while large drainage pipes were installed. Why didn’t they start where the flooding occurs?

Installing costly and really stupid looking “Dolphin’ lighting in Pattaya’s Central Road seems to be the extent of City Hall’s capabilities concerning Pattaya’s roads.

I love living in Jomtien and am saddened at the lack of common sense. Anyone who lived through the chaos when Thappraya Road was widened and upgraded from the flyover to the statue will have little sympathy for the so called road planners. You don’t start a major road project only to find some of the unfortunates who own land where the road is going don’t want to sell; negotiations took months to complete, holding up any progress. Anyone else would suss out that purchasing the land necessary to complete the upgrading is perquisite before starting the project!

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