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I recently contacted TAT and asked why there is a big sign in front of the police station on Malibu Beach, Koh Samet that clearly states in English in capital letters, that any person over the age of 60 years has free passage to the island. When I pointed this out to the police officers collecting the entrance fees after alighting from the ferry, I was told (on more than 1 occasion) that it was for Thai people only. Why then is it in English? How many over 60 tear old Thais can read English?

The reply from TAT is attached.

What do your readers think?


Dear Glenn Clements,

Question: My friends and I like to go to Koh Samet, some of us are over 60 years of age. There is a charge to enter the island as it is a National Park, however in front of the Police Station on Malibu Beach there is an official sign in Thai and English which clearly states that any person over the age of 60 years, does not have to pay an entrance fee. When this was pointed out to the police we were told that it only applies to Thai people, even though it is in English. Could you please clarify this? Thank you.

Answer: Dear Mr. / Ms. Clements, Thank you very much for contacting us. As per your inquiry, we would like to inform you that the sign that mention 60 years old person doesn’t have to pay entrance fee is restricted only for Thai citizens. Actually, the price of the 60 years old adults will normally be free for all the tourist attractions but only apply for Thai citizens. Sorry for your inconvenient in this matter. For further inquiry, please feel free to contact us. Sincerely yours, Thailand Tourism. Update: wwwthailandtourismup date.com

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