Open minded multiversity



In my pseudo-humble opinion, Wikileaks whistle blowers have helped lift the stagnant veil of covert secrecy obfuscating hypocritical diplomatic and bureaucratic exchanges in favor of fresher, less slanted and more transparent mass media dereliction of duty accountability. As the communications landscape’s enhanced free speech capabilities become more complex and more participatory, IT tuned-in techies are gaining more valid information truths while exposing deliberately programmed disinformation semi-lies, representing an active threat to challenge all statically passive hierarchical institutions.

The digital age’s virtual reality potential in affecting our global destiny and interconnected fate lies in supporting just cause civil society and observing cherished freedoms public debate, which can ultimately be expected to produce change, not overnight but over decades, benefiting future generations. Pragmatic idealists truly believe that the world’s ethically moral sane majority wholeheartedly wants peace and democracy rather than war and theocracy. Common sense shared vows must ensure tolerant multiversity by joining together to break the boringly familiar, hateful fear-mongering, bullyrag tactics employed by insecure, self-serving national-religious extremist fanatics.

Pax vobiscum!

Dr. Charles Frederickson