Of course there is beach erosion



Re: Beach erosion continues to cause concern (PM Friday, 16 November 2012) – Of course there is erosion. This erosion results last not least from the speedboats, jet skis and tourist boats operating too near the beaches. With their propellers the sand is washed out into the sea. Nature also takes part – but not too much.

Talks about the situation (whoever organizes them) will never end and will bring no solutions as nobody really understands the real cause of eroding. Look at the beaches at Rayong City: They built stonewalls into the sea there leaving several small bays full with sand inviting for a fine bath. And these small beaches will never erode. Same examples you can find in many European seaside resorts. But to build such walls at Pattaya’s beaches seems to be impossible as here in town money reigns and it would not be possible to pick up the Asian, Russian, etc., tourists directly from the main beach at Beach Road – which brings a lot of money to many pockets.

Lung Sen

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