Not the only problem



Re: Orderly parking does not compute at Tukcom (PM Friday, 28 February 2014) – That’s not the only problem in Pattaya South. The shops and stalls have taken up most of the pavement on the same side as Tukcom and what with motorbikes parked in the road sometimes there is only about 18inches of pavement left to walk on! Doesn’t the city council care about its city? The shambles puts tourists off and then they don’t spend money.

Also, Re: No Beach Road parking? Tour buses take over North Road (PM Friday, 24 January 2014) – If the Pattaya City Council would only sit down and engage the little grey cells they would see there is a mint of money which they could make by bringing in good old parking restrictions. Make the coaches park outside in a proper coach park then charge them for it! Also stop motorbike hire companies from taking up yards of parking space for their wares. Again charge them per bike. With a bit of money coming in, who knows, perhaps some of the holes in the road could be filled in!