Not so easy riders take over South Pattaya



Why is it there is never a policeman available when you need one? Ramadan is over and the guests from the Middle East have returned in force to take over Soi Yensabai in South Pattaya. They have all hired motorbikes and spend all night having road races around the nearby streets. They also spend all night revving up bikes to their maximum level so that families within a one mile radius are kept awake!

Pattaya Police could make a fortune in fines by visiting the area in the evening and overnight! Not one of the ‘road racers’ wears a helmet and there are usually at least two riders per bike! Whether they have driving licences could also be checked.

Worst of all they park the bikes all day so that they block the road. This means that if there was a fire or accident, emergency vehicles would not be able to get through. The Pattaya Police could easily take away about 100 high-speed motorbikes and they would never be missed.

These visitors from the Middle East have taken over this area of Pattaya with a total disregard for local people.

Robin Valentine