Not a place I will invest my money



Re: Dangerous traffic stop (PM Mailbag Friday, 08 March 2013) – I’ve been here a week and was looking at buying a 3m baht condo as I have a business in SE Asia and was looking at Jomtien as a base. But, in the last 24 hours I’ve been stopped twice in similar circumstances and ‘fined’ 1000 baht.

While a police force that aggressively targets tourist does not make for a pleasant place to live… it is certainly not a place I will invest my money. I’ve been coming to Thailand for 18 years, fit the ‘right’ foreign demographic Thailand is trying to attract, but there is no way I will buy now. Perhaps the 800 islands off the Burmese coast (3 hours from BKK when the border opens) will shortly offer a safer, more welcoming residential opportunity.