No pride in the environment


Pattaya residents given lesson in pollution control from Bangkok district (PM April 4, 2012) Thailand needs much more of this action. Well done Pisai Na Ayuthaya & associates! Keep up the good work! I organized a cleanup of discarded plastic items around our village near Ban Dung, a few years ago. We salvaged truckloads of plastic bottles. The next year there was no flooding in the village during the rainy season. But the program was discontinued after I left the village. Now it floods every year from plastic bottle plugged road drains. Pathetic!
No 1 for Koh Larn residents should be to clean up all the garbage strewn about the island. It’s an ecological disgrace. I wish some the famous Thai persons would make this a life’s work. It is sadly needed. Every time I go to Koh Larn I see more and more garbage. It’s really sad there is no pride in the environment here.