No plan or strategy



I was shocked to be walking through the harbour recently to see the trees being ripped out of the last green area in the entire area, adjacent to the harbour building. On exiting the area I stopped to read a sign apologising for the construction and landscaping activities!

Does no one have any plan or strategy to preserve the last few bits of beauty, tranquillity and nature in the city?

I walk the park and hill every day and do sometimes find some unspoilt beauty and tranquillity. My personal hate in the park is the totally useless activity of leaf blowing carried out very noisily every day. At least ensure that the operative is wearing ear protection. I estimate that considerable portion of the most tranquil part of the day is destroyed by this totally ineffective activity. The effort would be much more valued if it was directed at something more useful like removing plastic refuse from the undergrowth.

Every morning I reflect on the efforts of Pattaya to become a family beach resort as I observe the ever increasing amounts of filth and debris in the sea and beach. The low tide filth and debris display is disgraceful.

I would like to become involved in a campaign to improve the situation. Any advice or help will be greatly appreciated.

Trevor Witts