No NHS treatment for UK expats


Dear Sir,

I trust this short email reaches the correct person who composed the article about the deceased Arthur Bailey.

I note that Arthur returned to UK for medical treatment after living in Thailand for a considerable number of years. This is a similar storey to so many expat Brits, but what so many are not aware off, is that you cannot return to UK for NHS treatment if you have lived outside of UK for more than six months in the past twelve. Or if you are in UK on a Thai visa stay, the period is three months, i.e., you will finish up with a considerable bill from the NHS.

This also true if you should bring into UK a Thai wife. She will not receive free NHS treatment. I have been down this route, and feel sure many of your readers could well find themselves in this predicament. Doesn’t help your golf either. But there is a complete lack of knowledge on this subject, which I feel sure your readers should be aware of.

Brian Marshall