New swim buoys



These are the new swim buoys at Jomtien Beach Soi 7. They look great, much better then the previous ones that they used for a few years, lacking preventive maintenance also ending up being an environmental mess.

At this point the only problem KOTO sees is the dangers of letting people play on them, running, jumping off, letting people unable to swim on them.

KOTO has watched children, adults running on them, diving off of them, falling; also drunk people on them, night and day.

Looks like an accident waiting to happen, hoping they don’t wait for a child or anybody getting hurt or drowning.

If KOTO had a say in this matter, he would make it unable or damn hard to mount them, having pictures with a big X through somebody climbing onto them. It would not only deter, but also help to prevent accidents, some maybe deadly, also legal matters.

I see a lifeguard in the area but not keeping anybody off or keeping much of an eye on this new type of swim buoy.

Health and happiness to all,

Gerry, aka KOTO “Keeper Of The Ocean”