Need to review the Affordable Care Act



Re: Assisted living and affordable health insurance (PM Friday, 24 February 2012) – I think you need to review the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) more closely. This health insurance is only available in the U.S. It cannot be used outside of the country. If a person is living overseas, they are still required to enroll. If they choose not to, they will be subject to a fine of $750.00 minimum annually. With that extra cost, I don’t see how even low cost health care obtained overseas, becomes a bargain. Thank Socialist Obama for that one. They thought of everything.

R. Kane

Ed’s note: Unfortunately, upon closer inspection, this letter is misleading at best.  A quick and easy internet search will turn up variations of the following paragraph:  In June 2012 the Supreme Court gave its approval to the Affordable Healthcare Act and many Americans living outside the USA are wondering if the law applies to them. The Supreme Court decision did not change anything in the law and Americans who are bona-fide residents overseas are presumed to have minimum essential coverage and as such do not have to pay a tax for not being insured in the US. Further, I cannot find any confirmation for R. Kane’s $750 figure.  The same search turned up the following: Individuals who can afford to purchase health insurance coverage and do not do so will face a penalty (tax) of the greater of

* $95 or one percent of income in 2014;

* $325 or two percent of income in 2015; and

* $695 or 2.5 percent of income in 2016;

* Families will pay half the amount for children up to a cap of $2,250 for the entire family

* After 2016, dollar amounts will increase by the annual cost of living adjustment.