How naive do our leaders think Fiji is?


Re: New Zealand leader visits Fiji for first time in a decade (PM June 10, 2016) – Who would want to trade niceties with a country that has treated them as ignorant peasants, what with embargos, trade sanctions and sporting contacts as well. Well done Clarky and co. You have opened the door for China and others to exploit the situation there. And for poor Miss Sadsack reporter, Ms Dreaver. More honest evaluation of things there at the time of their problems would have been helpful. A bit rich from her whining about freedom of the press. Now you really have to earn that status, without sensationalism and shock horror invented stories regardless of the harm caused to innocent parties. And assuming that Fiji Frank will give his backing to Clark in her bid to become even more dictatorial re United Nations, how naive do our leaders think Fiji is?
Ted Partridge