Nail on the head



Re: Compare prices in Pattaya to Australia (PM Mailbag Friday, 12 December 2014) – Hmmmm… nail on the head BUT…left a few things out – snooty females who scowl and won’t talk to you, appalling weather that can change in half an hour and torture from that 30 knot gale that blasts in off the Tasman Sea over freezing choppy dangerous rips, used hypodermic syringes in the sand. Not allowed to have a beer but all the smackos boot up here in the evening. Getting your stuff stolen if you do go for a dip; all the surveillance too busy looking for tourists who dare to take a picture (is this a North Korean naval base?). Best avoided. To get there, arrive in the world’s worst major airport and most pricey and dishonest taxis. Go to your overpriced room or better still a ‘backpackers hostel’ and enjoy it as you can’t even have a cigarette in your room let alone on the beach, the one costing a fortune. Muggings at night…even good ol’ Patts is safer in the evenings. Five bucks for a cappuccino – get real – wanna waste money on an expensive beach go to Rio or Waikiki, at least the water’s warm.