Must be crazy to hire jet ski



Re: Bangkok police put Pattaya jet ski vendors on notice (PM Friday, 18 September 2015) – All I can say is, you must be crazy to hire a jet ski from any of Pattaya’s jet ski operators. I was there in July this year and seen it for myself. A Chinese family rented a jet ski on Pattaya Beach and was having a great time. They came back to shore and were met with an angry operator who accused them of damage to his jet ski. He even beached the jet ski and turned it over to show them the damage. This cost them 24000 baht.

Now, how they knew the exact cost to repair of this so called damage was beyond me. Also the Thai operator was saying the damage was under the jet ski, how could he have seen this get damaged?

Anyway after a heated debate the Chinese family paid the 24000 and left. The jet ski operator was happy and laughing with his mates on the beach – he even brought them beers.

The police or government in Thailand will never do anything to stop this. At the end of the day they do not give a damn about tourists; it is all about money. I do know this, I’ve been visiting Thailand for the last 20 years and nothing much has changed.