More dishonest jet ski operators in Thailand



In Bangkok Post’s Letters, Saturday February 4, ‘A real Thai experience’ by Siritip Helton told of their family’s unfortunate experience with one of the jet-ski operators on Jomtien Beach.

It is disgusting that after all the publicity there has been about these bandits, both in Jomtien and Phuket, that no action has been taken to curb these criminals who give Thailand a bad name.

One can only assume that the officials in charge are in cahoots with the bandits and do not want to lose out on their ‘Tea Money’. There is no other explanation as to why these crooks continue to operate with impunity!

There should be big signs on Pattaya Beach and Jomtien Beach saying “Renting a Jet-ski could seriously damage your finances and your enjoyment of your vacation in Thailand” but that is expecting too much in the land of backhanders, innitt! If everyone boycotted the bandits perhaps they might get the message, but then again…  Keep dreaming