More cons than pros



UNCLEAR is an anagram for NUCLEAR, which has increasingly become the source of more problems than solutions. Nuclear power is neither renewable nor sustainable and can be a contaminating influence, devastating to human beings, nature and the eco-environment. The consequences of an accident are disastrous and harmful to the local populace’s health, often causing cancer.

It is impossible to stop global warming. It is only possible to mitigate its effects through a drastic reduction of the emission of carbon dioxide. A green response to climate change must consider limiting our consumption of dwindling resources to such an amount which does not curtail future generations or other beings on Earth. Demand has to follow supply, not vice-versa.

Our global focus should be on promoting energy efficiency rather than nuclear power, with its related disadvantages: long-term radioactive waste disposal safety/security issues; dangerous risk of nuclear catastrophes; limited availability of dwindling resources; plutonium’s vulnerability to potential terrorist attacks; responsibly monitoring nuclear weapon proliferation and storage containment. Each year, every nuclear reactor is capable of making enough plutonium to build 30 nuclear bombs.

Earth’s energy needs can be met through a mix of solar thermal power plants and solar electricity stations, wind farms, hydroelectric power stations along with the various uses of biomass. EMIT is an anagram for TIME to reconsider mindset changes, primarily switching priorities to favor Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), increasing the use of fossil energy and furthering the generation and application of renewable energy, all of which make pragmatic common sense.

Dr. Charles Frederickson