Re: Thai immigration laws are complicated (PM Mailbag Friday, 19 September 2014) – I have lived in Pattaya for 14 years; am now 76 years old; an American citizen; have a retirement visa; and have had a Thai family for 14 years; No ex’s. I have never had B800,000 in my Thai bank; always paid only B1900 for the yearly renewal; never over stayed; always get my USA Embassy to verify my income when they come to Pattaya, twice a year (B1600); have always had a monthly income of well over B100,000; and never had a problem. So, when I read these tales of woe concerning visas, I scratch my head that so many farangs are sadly missing information they should have obtained before coming here. Now, I realize that some Brits do not have the necessary network for income verification and have to travel to BKK, a total of around B3500 to and from (if you cannot afford this, you do not belong here in the first place), which is a slight inconvenience, but not a big one. Do your visa requirements on your own, not through some questionable outfit.

Choke Dee!

Hyde Parke