Might is right



Re: Make roads safer for all (PM Mailbag Friday, 22 January 2016) – I have to agree with most of the comments regarding the riding habits in Thailand but a bit further for you. How about the fiasco on the open roads, especially? The simple guideline is might is right and you’d best take to the scrub if you don’t want to be another statistic. If you’re on the correct side of the road, that’s totally irrelevant to the nutcase bearing down on you in his great big rig or whatever.

And try to get to the other side of the road, especially in Pattaya. Your impending hip operation won’t matter too much. You get wings on your heels avoiding maniacal high powered bikes and pretty scooters, et al., and a big percentage of these are falangs on their annual escape to paradise. Try the same antics back where they come from and see how far they get. Other countries actually have cops on the road who just love these boy racers. To see a cop on the road in Thailand must just about warrant a public holiday.

Good luck,

Ted Partridge