MC taxis first on the scene



Re: Sympathy with motorcycle taxi drivers (PM Mailbag Friday, 22 April 2016) – Motor bike taxis are dangerous? It would be 1 km from my abode to Big C Extra and I would gladly pay a fair fee (B40/50, not a lousy B20/30 as you suggest).

Walking this distance is fraught with traversing many sois and intersections. A 3 minute ride would be safer than a 15 minute walk. After purchasing your goods you are confronted by pickup drivers (touts) who will attempt to charge B150/200 to transfer you back this 1 km. (Not even leaving their seat to assist you.)

I have found most MC drivers ok. There is a perception that these drivers are on the go at all times when in reality they are on a roster system. If there are 6 drivers on your stand each driver must wait till his turn comes up again.

These men are much maligned but are first on the scene at an accident, calling 911 and assisting traffic flow.

Probably the lowest farang pensioner would be in receipt of B65,000 monthly. If you cannot afford to pay for transport once a week stock up on Mama noodles.

Bill Neal