Many tourists want chairs on the beach



Re: No chairs on Wednesday on Jomtien Beach. I think if you interviewed tourists on a Wednesday, you don’t see people who want to sit on a chair on the beach on that day. If you ask tourist on that day you will see only younger people and backpack tourists. The latter have not much money to spend, and younger people have a more flexible body. On a Wednesday when no chairs, they don’t have to walk to the free beach. If you have a look on the other days, you will see that only a few people sit on the free beach, and the majority don’t mind to spend some money on a chair, enjoying comfortable time. Keep in mind, these people are wealthier, and can spend more money than the ones who sit on the sand.

I think your investigation was very poor and the wealthy tourists are being ignored. This is all not very economically conscious. The thing that the chairs cannot be put up to the waterline is a good thing. Everybody will agree. Now you can have a stroll along the waterline, although one more extra row on chairs should be no obstruction at all. Pattaya likes her tourists being happy and to return often. This is not the way to achieve this.