Man has dominion over animals



Recently, one of the comments on your web site questioned my knowledge of the Bible, doubting that man has dominion over animals as quoted in the Bible. So, here are the verses: Genesis 1:26 and 9:1-2. In the first verse God gives man dominion over all things on the Earth; and in the second submission, God tells Noah basically the same thing.

Now, with this ‘dominion’ I can assume that it does include responsibility. Going out of your way to avoid a dangerous animal with a history of attacking humans is not acceptable. A prudent person would do something about it for his fellow man.

Meanwhile, my Thai wife told me not to give money to beggars, bad, but give them food or water=good (they will look at you funny). Any farang living here can afford to put some change in the dog / or orphan boxes or give a donation to a clean up group; no fanfare expected.

Jerry S.