Made mistake of listening to experts



Re: When is a Weber not a Weber? (PM Automania October 28, 2016) – I thought that you were going say that it was a “Dellorto”. I made the mistake of listening to the experts, and, put a huge one on my 3 liter V6 Capri. Well, it lost all the torque, due to the fact the inlet tubes (chokes) that were recommended were too big. I tried going down in size, but, even the smallest “stand size” wasn’t small enough. Ended up having some machined up to a smaller bore size. In the end, it wasn’t too bad, but, in all honesty, the standard carburetor was probably the best. Strange how the manufacturers know best, most of the time.

Oh yes, came back from an Oran Park June meeting (remember them?). Travelling up through the New England area in the cold. Well, the throttle was closing right off. Stopped and found that there was about 3mm of ice that had formed on the inlet manifold. Fun times.