Loose lips sink ships



Re: Why syphilis? (PM Mailbag Friday, 09 August 2013) – Loose lips sink ships. If you feel you must tell everyone in the waiting room your reason for being there, that’s your problem. As for invasion of humane rights. Would you consider being allowed to enter any country when you are the carrier of an infectious disease? On your application form you must have a letter from a Dr stating you have no prohibitive diseases, Thai ministerial Reg: No 14 (BE2535) i.e., Leprosy, TB, Elephantiasis or Third step of Syphilis. This was no trouble when you first made application but now you are up in arms against it. The Thais are only doing what any other country would do. Go see the Dr get your chit and don’t burst back into the waiting room smiling and telling the man its ok to sit back in the other chair.

Bryan Patricks