Letter of Appreciation


Dear Editor;

I wish to record my deepest thanks to the electricians of Pattaya who restored the power on Soi Yensabai following the horrendous storm we experienced on Saturday 11th October. Having lived here for almost twenty years, this has to go down as the worst I have ever experienced. The area lost power around 21.00 hours with a lightning bolt hitting a massive tree in the Yensabai lawn area which toppled, taking with it all the power lines close by and having a concertina effect which brought down six telephone cable poles in quick succession.

On Sunday 12th October the electricians arrived around 10.00am and worked their socks off and power was restored to our apartment unit at 19.15 hours. Yensabai Condo had their power back on around 02.00 hours Sunday morning but we were less fortunate. The guys returned on Monday 13th and continued restoring the lines with new cable and erected new telephone cable poles along the street. I took photos of the devastation for my Facebook page(s) and my friends were shocked by the damage which had been caused.

I cannot believe anywhere else in the world would you have guys so efficient in their efforts to restore everything and today, Tuesday 14th October, 95% of the cables have been replaced with new and I feel I must give my heartfelt appreciation to all their extremely hard work. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.

You may not always feel appreciated but let me say you truly are in our area.

Rodney M. Girvan

(Resident Fairway Apartments)