Let’s take a trip to Australia’s “Bondi”



Re: Who needs a chair to sit on? (PM Mailbag Friday, 27 November 2015) – Lets take a trip to Australia’s “Bondi”. As parking there is mainly restricted to residents only, in most cases you get there by public transport. Now you have to cross Campbell parade and walk through the grassed area, then cross another access road & you are at the beach. A journey of several hundreds of meters. (Pattaya beach is about 40 meters from the road.)

Now you have reached the sand after lugging your Esky (ice box) beach umbrella & maybe folding chair. After being harassed by the bus driver (Hurry on Please!), don’t be surprised if a ranger wants to inspect your Esky to insure you have no alcoholic spirits or any beverage in a glass container. Bondi is an alcohol free area, smoke free area, camera free area. If you use your mobile phone you may be asked to display its picture gallery.

Australian beaches are renowned as a place of relaxation? Think again Mr Rumpf. The only thing in common with Pattaya is they both have sewerage outlets close by. To the north of Bondi is what is known locally as ”The Murk” (Ben Buckler sewerage outlet). At least the wave action tends to give the appearance of clean turquoise surf. Pattaya does not have this action hence the almost flat yellow water. To add to this, have you some aversion to Thais making a living?

Bryan O’Shea