Let them eat cake



Re: Didn’t write ‘riff-raff’ or ‘little fish’ (PM Mailbag Friday 22 May 2015) – I did reread your comment and came to the same conclusion most rational people would. True, you didn’t use the word riff raff. You suggested those who couldn’t speak in 6 figure sums were of a lower caste. “Little fish are sweet” was used by me to emphasize that 5 backpackers on a few months stay probably boost the economy more than you do in a year.

I was once on a flight when a man two rows ahead dressed in checkered shorts, flowered shirt, etc., was telling every one how he had made all his money and was now roaming the world spending it. A reply from further back, “Lucky you Tex. So why are you flying cattle class & guzzling all the free beer?”

So I retract none of my statements and hope I have not offended you further. No! I retract that, I don’t care one way or the other about you. I’m proud of the name my parents gave me,

Bryan O’Shea