KOTO says thanks


Aloha Pattaya Mail,

Just a short note to say the Pollution Group is alive and well, cleaning 1 beach at a time. Now we are sharing pictures of a few Thais that offered their Tambon and we all picked up trash left behind by others.

We find that there are many Thais that offer help, when they see what a old farang is doing, picking up other people’s garbage, making it a safer place for the voiceless, children, wildlife and waterways.

We have also had a few farangs reach out, from time to time.

Remember, it is never too late to waster-size: bending at the waist to pick up some waste and getting rid of both. We all need to eat right, think right and exercise. Also there is, and has been a major garbage problem at the entrance to Dongtan Beach. We have talked with Pattaya City Hall to bring another dumpster or 2 or have the garbage service picked up every day. If you care call 1337 and also tell them.


Keeper Of The Ocean