Just some of the joys of living in Pattaya



Thank you for your always interesting publication – some articles tongue in cheek, i.e., Friday 11th Nov. ‘Two tourists were injured when a bouncer in a South Pattaya disco and four other Thai men beat them before (the bouncer) fired a handgun in the air. The Russians were treated for injuries at Pattaya Memorial Hospital. Both were extremely drunk and unable to give statements to officers at the time.’ So far so good, it then gets a bit murky and had I not lived in wonderful Pattaya for twelve years I would find a bit strange.

‘Police who arrived to find the club still open illegally at 6 a.m. on October 31st… The police pledged to continue with their investigation though they took no action against the disco for operating past closing time or for its overzealous security guards.’ One would have to wonder why wouldn’t one, if one had not lived here for some time!

It seems would also seem strange to me there is no city water in many areas of Pattaya despite this being in a previous Pattaya Mail. Had I not lived here many years, ‘The Pattaya area still has more than enough water for the summer months, city waterworks officials say. Suwit Sangkhae, chief of water-supply production at the Provincial Waterworks Authority, told the Pattaya Business & Tourism Association March 4.’

I emailed the Provincial Waterworks Authority and the Pattaya Business and Tourism Association, no reply from either, no surprise there.

Best wishes to your readers,