Jomtien Beach Upgrades – Done Wrong



Are there government inspectors for the paving stone projects being performed at Jomtien Beach? The projects fail to meet common construction requirements.

  1. The sand they are using by the Jomtien Condotel & Village is Builder’s Sand, not the proper Sharp Sand. I examined it with a magnifying glass. The problem is that the Builder’s Sand particles are too small and wash away. Builder’s Sand is not sifted to the correct particle size.
  2. Given how fast other paving areas are falling apart, I’m sure they are using Beach Sand instead of the proper Sharp Sand. I haven’t checked those with a magnifying glass yet. The problem is that Beach Sand particles are round and easily wash away. Sharp Sand particles are jagged crushed rock and stay in place.
  3. There is no cement in the sand mix beneath the pavers. The mix should be 6 parts sand to 1 part cement and barely moist. The problem is that any foot traffic or vehicle traffic will cause the stones to shift later.
  4. They are not using any spacers between the stones, whether temporary on top or permanent below. 10 mm spacers are the standard. The problem is that the sand will not distribute between the stones properly and will fail to absorb mechanical stress.

I can send you photos of the previous paving stone projects falling apart and the current paving stone project being performed incorrectly.

Best regards,

Dana Pagel