Jet ski scammers and City Hall



Thanks for the honest reporting of the last meeting at City Hall regarding the jet ski scammers.

I remember when I was having problems with the planning department at Kensington Town Hall, London, the architect I was employing told me not to get shirty with them as I would get nowhere. ‘If they had any intelligence they would be working in private practice, not for a Town Hall,’ he said. ‘They have to be humoured and treated gently taking into account they are basically idiots.’

Pattaya’s City Hall response to curbing the jet ski scammers seriously damaging Pattaya’s already seriously dented image reminds me very much of the architect’s remarks.

It has been reported that some jet ski scammers can earn up to 300,000 baht a week, so probably a little of that is spread around to the powers that be to keep them in business. The bull about, ‘There are no laws covering jet ski operators’ is just that. Why can’t City Hall ban and fine any jet ski operators who scam tourists and move police who aid and abet them to inactive post in Outer Mongolia or a prison here in wonderful Thailand? As your article points out, the scam has been going on for years, time to do something positive about it City Hall instead of the usual beating around the bush!

Best wishes to your readers,