Jeremy Kyle could be a man of many faces



Re: Start in Soi Buakaow & Who is Jeremy Kyle (PM Mailbag Friday, 24 January 2014) – Jeremy Kyle could be a man of many faces. He could be in the under 35 age group, who when they arrive here, get a GI style hair cut, buy some camouflage shorts, turn the collar of their shirts up (like their football hero), wear sunglasses on their head at night time, and pounce around as if they are on R & R from the football riots in Munich.

Or he maybe in a latter group, 3/4 baggy shorts, Singha T-shirt, black sox & sandals, shouting at the TV about a ref’s decision. He could fit the image of “the lost Beachcomer”, wandering about miles from the seaside flashing his “man boobs” to everyone in the Big C Extra. He, unlike the newcomers may be covered in tattoos from head to foot. (It’s a pity the circus folded before he made his debut.)

Don’t get me wrong I would never form an opinion on a person’s looks. I once lived in Soi Buakaow & saw this man daily and when I finally met him I found a well mannered man well versed with common knowledge and was a pleasure to talk with. The one that I find having a quiet drink are the ones dressed in clean Chinos, polo shirt & casual footwear. Sure they are there to suss out the talent but most times they do it with class. The list goes on and it’s up to you to choose who fits the bill of who is Jeremy Kyle.

Next Week! Who was Walter Middey?

Sean Murphy