It’s illegal for a farang to buy a house



Re: Brain lockers at the airport (PM Hillary Friday, 22 February 2013) – Hi, here I give my own Senf (mustard) to this hot and controversial topic, but slightly different. I also bought a little house in the bush for my holidays (never can live in Thailand). It only cost 100,000 baht, but now I spent 300,000 baht making it. Now suddenly my holiday baby says the house has changed owners and is now hers, and if I not send more money she is going to bring many men from Pattaya to visit. Well, well, after that I gave her a good fright. I told her that it is illegal that a farang buys a house 100% and the government can impound it. I also told her that I come with my army friends to stay there. Now she text’s me frantically to find out what I do. Let her stew. Maybe Madam Hillary thinks we farang lost our mind somewhere, but I can put my mind for good use anywhere. I can even bulldoze the house and plant potatoes. Have a good day.