It sure is difficult to comprehend



Re: Difficult to comprehend (PM Mailbag Friday, 25 October 2013) – It sure is difficult to comprehend. 7 comments on a topic that holds little interest to the majority. Why are the minorities so vocal? Do we as a whole really care what others like to eat? Fill a pot with veggies, add water, bring it to the boil, simmer for awhile & you have a meal. Take the same pot, add some lamb chops, thicken with cornflower or stock and you have an “Irish Stew”. A feast fit for the kings of Munster.

What vegan would not droop when he sees me eat my fill then suck the marrow off the bones? I dare say licking the water off an eggplant is not the same. Not having known many true vegans in my time, the few I have had contact with switched to this diet in mid life. Without malice I found them to look pasty, thin & sunken eyed. Whereas the ones who had eaten mashed veggies after weaning seemed more robust.

I do not smoke and I don’t hold it against those that do. Same with religion, same with vegans. Will the day come when you will only be served meat dishes at a side window? I enjoy a salad sandwich some times. Slip in a slice of ham and it changes a snack into a meal. Meanwhile eat up your veggies or you won’t grow up big & strong like your daddy. Be Jasus, I just found half a grub in my apple.

Sean Murphy