Is Armageddon already happening?



Referring to the article: ‘Science academies explain global warming reality’; surely all right-minded people want global warming to be brought under control sooner than rather then later when it’s too late to stop its worst effects from happening?

And yet politicians would rather bicker amongst themselves than do anything positive to address the global crisis. When I read about Facebook paying $19 billion for a stupid technology company just so it can keep its edge on the social media market, I’m tempted to give up in despair. Can you imagine how much good could be done with $19 billion dollars?

I actually think it’s getting too late to save humanity; my grief is that we are going to destroy the whole planet’s ecology in our self centred attempts to make the super rich richer and the vast majority of the world’s over global population even more desperately poor. The overriding message should be birth control for the starving billions who are destroying the planet to eke out their miserable existences.

Philip Fletcher