International students concerned in-house examinations pose risk of infection


To: The Thailand Ministry of Education

Dear Sir / Madam

We are writing this email to express our concerns about the current decision being made, ascertaining to whether or not IB exams will be held during the pandemic. We are students of an international IB school in Thailand and we urge you to consider this email.

The most recent wave has had a peak of over 1,700 cases which is a dramatic increase and has understandably worried many of us – especially because of the UK strain appearing in Thailand which can quickly replace the original strain of the virus, it spreads faster and it is effectively more dangerous. After we have considered what a lack of IB exams will do to our grades, we believe that the risks of infection and potential deaths far outweigh the pros of conducting the exams. Many of us have family who we do not want to infect, these circumstances are far from ideal and the idea of putting family and friends in danger is terrifying for us.

Many international schools especially around Rayong and Pattaya want to have in-house style sitting exams. This is not only concerning for us but for our family as well. Please do something about this issue.

Please do think about this, have a nice day and best regards.

Students of International IB Schools in Thailand