In response to Unruly R’s



Recent testing, countrywide, of Thai students produced embarrassing scores as low as 16 points out of a potential of 100 – in English literacy! Rarely, in other subjects scoring, did the participants exceed 50 points out of the aforementioned 100.

The author of this article (Unruly R’s, Mailbag last week), Dr. Frederickson now suggests that the tests and educators are at fault and I, respectfully, disagree as past testing administered by different people, with different criteria listed Thailand students as dead last of all S.E. Asia pupils, particularly in English, math, and science.

Often when Thai students go abroad for university education they must be tutored to pass entrance exams indicating they simply are not receiving a modern, useful, up to date education here.

Actually the fact, and it is a fact, that many/most professionals here advertise that they were educated elsewhere as a big plus. I believe the entire educational system needs an updating “tune-up”, not finger pointing, but an overhaul examining the curriculum, teachers, and administrators as Thai graduates, now, just cannot compete with peer groups from other countries.

Don Aleman