In reply to Eric Bahrt


Dear Sir,

I once again have to put up with (reading a letter from) Eric Bahrt – I wish the Pattaya Mail would give him a rest and not publish his biased thoughts.

Eric seems to think that only talented people follow a non-meat diet. How sad that he should think like this.

Perhaps Eric should carry out some research on his pet (no pun intended) subject, he would suddenly find his opinions dwarfed by the number of meat eating intellectuals. The number of meat eaters vastly outnumbers the vegetarian variety by millions to one. Has this happened purely by chance? I think not.

What would happen to the Inuit nations if they decided to become vegetarian? Same question for the nomadic tribes of Mongolia, the African continent, South America, etc.

Come to terms with the world Eric. You and your compatriots can live in your own little world and let the rest of us battle onwards and upwards.

Bring on the filet mignon, medium rare please.

Bill Hunter


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