In need of safety barriers


Dear Editor;

Surely it’s happened before but in all my years I haven’t seen it till today. Heading out of town on Highway 7 and there at the Highway 36 intersection a 20ft shipping container had come off its trailer while turning (no doubt screaming along); come over the side of the bridge and down onto the cab of a truck and trailer unit below smashing it to pulp.

Not long after the extension of 7 to Sukhumvit Rd was completed and opened, I was also returning that way only to see a pickup on the new overpass, loaded with electrical appliances; fridges, washing machines, etc; spill its load towards the side and down onto Sukhumvit Rd, only luckily to be stopped by the sidewall.

Might I suggest a baht or 3 be spent on safety barriers on some of these bridges rather than on such “necessary” stuff as the new, famous “dolphin” street-lights?


Dick Archer