Improving Thai roads?



The extension of Motorway 7 towards U Tapao and Sattahip is seen with hope for less traffic on Sukhumvit Road by residents of Najomtien and Bang Saray – and communities along the way.

Less enthusiasm may be expressed at the junction (intersection) with the spur arriving at Ocean Marina. If the plan is a duplicate of the senseless junction at the end of the Jomtien Beach relief road then an opportunity for proper traffic engineering will be lost and the characteristic highly dangerous U-turn will prevail.

A costly underpass or elaborate traffic lights are not required. There is plenty of land opposite Ocean Marina for a roundabout (traffic circle) which slows traffic but need not stop it. Adequate signs and road markings showing correct roundabout procedure are essential – and were this device applied where possible throughout the Kingdom many lives could be saved.

Yours etc.,

George L

Ban Amphur

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