Ignorance, stupidity or connivance?


Dear Editor;

We want to thank you for allowing The Pollution Solution Group to share what we feel is so very important. 

“Storm drains” that cause more flooding along with polluted waters, opposed to clean storm drains with much less flooding and contaminated waters.

The enemy? Uninformed citizens who pollute our local waters, and the lack of quality control inspectors to make sure all storm drains are free from litter or pumped out. The cost would be far less then the damage that we are now experiencing and will, in the future.

Our mission? Imposing fines, mark storm drains with signs in Thai, English, and Russian with a picture, reminding “all” that whatever goes into the storm drain goes into the ocean, lake, pond, gulf, river or creek at the other end, contaminating, making ill and killing whatever feeds off of our waterways.

If we don’t nip it in the butt, it will nip us in the gut. Life and our health are too precious to allow the few that don’t know better or don’t care, to poison us with their ignorance, stupidity or connivance.

Fines and signs are the only way to teach. When one must pay, the brain wakes up.

Again thank you and your great paper the Pattaya Mail.

The Pollution Solution Group

Gerry Rasmus aka KOTO