Idea in search of a reason



Re: Military, local officials study feasibility of cross gulf ferry service (PM Friday, 03 July 2015) – Now, this is an idea in search of a reason. Smaller versions have been promised and failed over and again for years.

The point of being in and living in Hua Hin is a quiet lifestyle reflected in the glow of the most beautiful train station in the country and the seaside palace of His Majesty. Hua Hin refers to itself as “The Sane Coast” of Thailand without the commercialism of Phuket, Bangkok, Chiang Mai or Pattaya, and is the weekend retreat for influential Thai families this strikes me as a stupid non starter. The roads are already good to and from there and money would be better spent improving the rail system.

If “trade” is the goal of this it should come from Laem Chabang which is the entry and exit port for all goods in the country. While Bali Hai is totally congested, they have the harbor in place already and it would cost little or nothing to adapt it for ferry service so we can send a boatload of cars to the sea bottom…er promote tourism and trade.