Human life is more important than traffic congestion



When the Police Department realizes that a human life is more important than traffic congestion perhaps Pattaya and Thailand will move from 3rd World status where they have been stuck for hundreds of years to where they should be today.

Shame on them and the mayor for continuing the carnage and deaths on Beach and Second Road that have been occurring for over 15 years because of the police attitude and the cities ineptitude.

The police should not be running the city, the mayor and government should.  Most of the police are underpaid, under-trained and unfortunately, not always educated in matters of public safety as they should be. The pedestrian should have the right of way in all circumstances as it is in all 1st World countries; people should not be speeding and driving drunk as they continuously do; helmet laws should be 100% enforced and the police and Thailand’s drivers should realize a vehicle should not be used as a deadly weapon.

The primary purpose of traffic enforcement is education. Education that would stop the deaths and injuries that have persisted to tear apart the fabric of society in Pattaya and Thailand for too many years.

Paul Ian