How long will they last?


Dear Editor,

I just return from a drive around Pattaya and I just had to laugh out loud.  It seems the city has installed many flashing yellow & black curve warning signs around most road curves around town, hundreds I would guess.  These have integral flashing arrow lights powered by a small solar panel mounted on top of the flashing light.

Although they seem effective and look very nice, I will give them 2 or 3 weeks before the young enterprising scavengers in Pattaya come along slyly in the night and harvest the lot!  All one needs is a small wire cutting pliers, a big bag to collect them and a quick motorbike.

Surely the small solar panels will be worth a bob or two each on the black market.

This harvest will take no cunning at all compared to the big harvest made by their older brothers 6 or 8 years ago on the new Bali Hai seafront road when they snipped off 2 of the 4 large stainless steel nuts from each of the 100 or more seaside lamp posts.  This would have taken a very large bolt cutter and again, a big bag.   It is a pity but history will repeat itself!

Soothsayer George