Holds little hope from the Pattaya Police



Re: Europeans drugged & robbed want police to hurry up and solve crime (PM Friday, 20 September 2013) – I hold little hope from the Pattaya Police for the 2 gentlemen drugged and robbed, for in May 2010 I was drugged at around 3:30 in the afternoon in the coffee shop on the first floor of the Royal Garden Plaza, by a well dressed “alleged” business woman. She said she owned a Jewellery Business in Bangkok and designed her own jewellery and showed me some she was wearing.

I don’t remember leaving Royal Garden Plaza or walking some 400 meters to the SCB bank, withdrawing 10,000 baht from the ATM, let alone then walking 1 k to my room.

I woke a day and a half later to find I had a withdrawal slip and 10,000 baht in my wallet but no ATM card. This “woman” only 3 minutes after my withdrawal proceeded to milk my bank account of 240,000 baht over 2 days.

Now why I hold little hope for these men is because as I had a 20,000 daily limit. She decided to do 4 ATM transfers totalling 200,000 from my SCB account to her SCB account in 4 minutes. Now you would think that with the bank’s help the police now had her name and address and she would be arrested in a flash, but no. All the police would say when I went on my many visits to find out what was going on was “When you go home?” I not go home, I live Thailand. And I didn’t get in the paper.

I must thank the 2 lady managers, they did everything to help me.

Murray Greenfield